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DATELINE-NY 12/14/13 The Light

Living in New York City, I spend a lot of time hanging out on corners. Now, it’s not what you think. Cars go by and we wait on corners for them to stop. You don’t want to get hit by one, especially if you’re not wearing clean underwear. I don’t even have underwear. Apparently, other dogs spend a lot of time hanging on corners, too. There are lots of other scents to sniff.

I often find my self sniffing something interesting, when Hal tugs on the leash and says, “C’mon, Molly. We’ve got the light.” He says this like it’s a good thing. I don’t see how. What is this light he’s talking about. If we have it why isn’t he giving it to me to eat? If I can’t eat it, what’s the point of having it?

The only thing I can say about having the light is that it has interrupted many a good sniff. It has also interrupted many belly rubs. If we’re not going anywhere for a bit, I randomly roll over for a belly rub.

DATELINE-NY 5/27/13 Memorial Day

I have donned my Stars and Stripes bandana in honor of Memorial Day. Please remember the fallen dogs who’ve faithfully served with the human membersof the armed services. I dog was with Seal Team Six when they nailed Bin Laden. Hal shared some meatballs with me from Mighty Balls at Madison Square Eats!

DATELINE-NY 4/29/13 Treat Protocol

I don’t always wait for Hal to give me a treat anymore. The rule is this, “If the treat is in his pocket then it is just a potential treat. Once it’s in his hand it’s mine.” Sometimes Hal carries a treat in his hand and I don’t notice it right away. I may be hunting pizza crusts or bagels. I might be on cat patrol, it happens. The second I notice it there, I nose his hand open and demand he turn over the treat.

DATELINE-NY 4/28/13 Twitter

I have been thinking about using more social media and getting a twitter account. Hal thinks it is appropriate that I tweet because I am always eating the bread that is scattered for the birds. I have composed some sample tweets:

Bark @cat, Bark @squirrel, scatter @pigeon, piddle #firehydrant

DATELINE-NY 4/21/13 Biscuits and Bath

Hal had some family thing he had to take care of so he dropped me off at a camp. I’ve been having a great time, but I am worried about Hal. One of the people here has a camera so I sat and asked if they’d send a picture to him so he can see me. I’ve linked the camp’s home page above.

DATELINE-NY 4/14/13 Non-Sanctioned treats

We were out for our walk, and something smelled like it might be food, so I snatched it up. I still don’t know what it was, and Hal grabbed my muzzle really fast and I gave it up. As a reward, he reached into his pocket and gave me a sanctioned treat. That is the rule after all, except at street fairs where any food I snatch up is fair game. Speaking of street fairs, this weeks version got a 0 as in I get no chicken.

DATELINE-NY 4/8/13 Street Fair Again!

This one I had to rate chicken chicken chicken. Also, this street fair ended at a pet shop. The pet shop had a bunch of cats for adoption, so I got to bark at them- What a day for a dog!

DATELINE-NY 4/7/13 Street Fair!

Hal and I went to our first street fair of the season yesterday! Now, I rate street fairs on a scale of zero to chicken. This one was chicken chicken because I got two.

DATELINE-NY 3/30/13 Over the Line

This is really all the cat’s fault. I want to be clear from the beginning. Hal and I went to Bark at Cat (Litter and Leashes). The new cat was sitting next to the counter begging me to snap at her. Needless to say, I was in the process of obliging, but when Hal went to shush me, my teeth caught his hand. I knew immediately that I did something wrong. I just hope that when Hal feeds me he does it with the other hand.

DATELINE-NY 3/27/13 Kosher for Passover

Hal is definitely going bath crazy, because I got another one this weekend. Hal said he needed to make sure that I had no chametz in my fur. I have no idea what chametz is, but it sounds like food. If food were hiding in my fur, I’m pretty sure that I would have found it and eaten it.

DATELINE-NY 3/17/13 Other People’s Pizza

We were out for the morning walk, and I spot a pizza crust. Naturally, I grab it. After all, someone left it there for me. Hal freaks. He grabs the crust and tosses it for some other dog. I don’t get it. Hal gives me his pizza crust all the time. He said that a girlfriend in college called crust “pizza bones.” And what do you do with a bone? You give it to a dog with a nick, a nack, and a paddywhack, whatever they are.

DATELINE-NY 3/4/13 Beef Jerky time!

So we’re out for our morning walk, and Hal isn’t doing too well, so he ties me up and heads into a store (Ed. note: 7-11). He comes out with a cup in his hand (coffee). His other hand is extended toward me and as the breeze comes my way, it’s beef jerky! Score! We continue our walk, and I realize he’s got more in his pocket. I turn to him to let him no that he better not hold out on me and got another piece, and then a couple more by the time we got home.

DATELINE-NY 2/22/13 No Bones about it

When is a bone not a bone? Apparently, when it is a chicken bone. I don’t get it. Hal gives me bones, and Hal gives me chicken. Well, there we were, walking, and some left me a chicken bone. Naturally, I grabbed it. Hal freaked. He yelled “No!” and then grabbed my mouth and tried to open it. I let him. It’s important for his ego. He took out the chicken bone and tossed it for some other dog to find. Ah well.

DATELINE-NY 2/18/13 Bath Day

I am so not happy. I had a bath. I’m sure I didn’t need one. After all, I just had a bath last, last, um, well, I had one. Okay, so I don’t keep track of time. Like that’s important. Anyway, Hal did give me a Pig’s ear. Not that it was worth it, but I am very forgiving.

DATELINE-NY 2/11/13 Snow Storm

I do love to play in the snow! However, the last couple of times I did, I got an owie as snow got packed in between the pads of my paws. Hal would clean them out and I’d be fine after a bit. Well, Hal had some dog booties- not only was it humiliating, but it was weird to walk in them. I did get used to them quickly and we went for a romp in the park.

Click here for video at the dog park

DATELINE-NY 2/3/13 Puppy Bowl Sunday

I’m excited to watch the Puppy Bowl later. I’d rather be playing in it. All those toys, and all those puppies. I may be 6, but Hal still calls me “Puppy dog”. Hal said something about pigskin, maybe it was pig ear. I could go for one right about now.

DATELINE-NY 1/26/13 A Vacation

Hal took me to this place (Biscuits and Bath), and left me there for a few days (8). I had a great time, and there was a good pack there to play with. I didn’t really want to sit on the floor so I asked this brown dog to help me out. As it turns out, he was glad to oblige.

DATELINE-NY 12/1/12 Bark at Cat

So we head over to Bark at Cat (Litter and Leashes) but the cat wasn’t there. Another cat was there, smaller cat. Well, I had never barked at this cat before, so I had to make up for all the time I had been att this pet shop and not barked at it. I got the sense that Hal was not happy with me. He kept on saying “Shh”

DATELINE-NY 11/28/12 A Most Wonderful Time

There are trees all over the city. Not just the one that grows in Brooklyn (I still have to visit that one). We lost a bunch of trees during the week of the Stairs of Death. Now, however there are so many more. Hal won’t let me sniff them or piddle near them which is disappointing. Though the streets smell like the apartment does right after Hal mops. (Product placement opportunity alert!)

DATELINE-NY 11/23/12 Thanksgiving

Apparently, there is a holiday where people take a day to give thanks. The pet shops were all closed and I’m supposed to be thankful?! I’m going with “No.” However, today, the pet shops were open and Hal bought me a bison bone. Don’t give me thanks, give me treats.

DATELINE-NY 11/14/12 Morning routine

Most mornings, Hal wakes up before walk time. We get out of bed, sit on the couch and watch TV until walk time. Unfortunately, Hal doesn’t know how to tell time. As a result, I have to jump off the couch to remind him that walk time has arrived. Usually, he points to the clock on the TV, and says some number of minutes. As if that clock knew anything about walk time. That’s the problem with humans. They rely to much on these devices that they lose track of time.

DATELINE-NY 11/12/12 Nonsense

In an earlier post, I mentioned that sometimes Hal doesn’t make sense. I’ll give you an example. Today, Hal said, “Okay, the walk is over. Let’s go home.”

Think about that for a moment. If we are going to go home, then we are not home. How are we getting home? We are walking there. Hence, the walk is not over.

DATELINE-NY 11/3/12 Hurricane Sandy

What a weird week I just had! For starters, Hal and I sat on the couch as usual, but we didn’t watch TV. I could feel my brain cells healing. Hal didn’t turn on the lights either, instead he lit candles. The room outside the apartment was dark, too. Hal didn’t push the button for the Elevator of Death. Although, I haven’t called it that in almost 5 years. Instead, he opened the door to the Stairs of Death. It was dark, and I didn’t want to go, but Hal had the business end of the leash so I didn’t really have much choice. He would shine a flashlight on the steps as if he thought I was one of those cats I like to bark at.

DATELINE-NY 9/15/12 Tennis Ball

We went to the Gramercy Park Canine Comedy Parade, Again! I got some good treats, and was named “Dog Most Likely to Blog about this Event.” Ha ha. Well, it made Hal happy. Links to the sponsors:

Strewie to the Rescue

Canis Minor

Wiggly Pups


NYC Animal Care and Control

DATELINE-NY 9/15/12 Tennis Ball

Hal has been walking around with a stick with a tennis ball on the end of it. Being a dog, I see a tennis ball and naturally conlude it’s mine. Hal says that even though it looks like a tennis ball, it actually is not one. Whatever. However, we’ve been going to the dog-runs again. The other dogs see the tennis ball and want to chew on it. I tried to explain to them that it is not really a tennis ball, but it is. Maybe if it made sense I could explain it better, but Hal is a person, I don’t expect him to make sense, I expect him to make dinner.

DATELINE-NY 8/19/12 Summer Streets 2012

Yesterday, Hal and I went for our longest walk since he got hurt. The street was closed to cars making lots of room to walk. Before we walked, we sampled some food (ed note: The Whole Foods Market Picnic Area). I got some peanut butter (Smooth Operator), cheese (Cabot Farms and Organic Valley), and a hot dog (Applegate Farms).

DATELINE-NY 8/12/12 Chicken Accomplished

Today, I took Hal to his first street fair since he got hurt. I got my chicken, but the really big score was my Original Red’s Hotdog. Hal played a power trip telling me to wait while he ate his. He doesn’t like it that I finish my hot dog faster, and then I want to share his- whatever.

DATELINE-LI 8/7/12 Marking Time

Hal and I have returned to walking around Grammercy Park in the mornings. Apparently, while I was away, my scent left as well. Now I have to piddle on everything to reclaim my territory.

DATELINE-LI 8/4/12 The Mollinator Strikes Back!

Well, it’s been a while, but Hal is finally feeling healthy enough for me to start plogging again! So, I have been taking Hal on walks, but there are no sidewalks and he doesn’t seem to understand how it works out here. I don’t need to curb myself. And grass is everywhere for me to piddle and pooh on. I don’t even enter the Poohniverse. I just pick a spot and let go.

DATELINE-NY6/11/12 Extended Vacation

Not to get too deep into details, but Hal didn’t come home last Friday. This was followed by may staying with packmate Olive on Saturday. On Sunday, Hal’s mom picked me up and took me out to Long Island. Hal arrived on Tuesday. Other than walks, which are given by Hal’s Mom and Stepdad, I prety much lie by Hal’s side- he needs me.

DATELINE-NY 5/28/12 Street Fair Follies

The street fair we went to today was real short. Hal met this woman that I’d never smelled before. She smelled like she was nice enough so I rolled over for her. Then they talked for a while. All I knew was that I wasn’t getting any treats, so I just laid down.

Anyway, since I rate these fairs on a scale of 0 to chicken, and I didn’t get my chicken it was a 0. Hal got a couple of small sanwiches (sliders) which he shared with me. One was really good (meatball), and the other (crabmeat), not so much.

DATELINE-NY 5/27/12 I need to learn English

Early this morning, and I know it was early because the sun was still off, I was thirsty. My waterbowl was empty, but I needed a drink. So, I woke Hal and jumped off the bed and barked. Hal patted the bed, but I was insistent. I barked again that my waterbowl was empty. Hal got dressed and we went out.

Now, I am never against a trip outside. There were some puddles, but Hal didn’t let me drink from them. And, truth be told I had to go, it just wasn’t urgent. When the sun came on, I barked at Hal again. Once again he put on closed and took me out. This time I didn’t need to go. Hal got the message and filled my waterbowl.

DATELINE-NY 5/20/12 Red’s Hot Dog accomplished

We had a great long walk this morning. We walked along the river and through alphabet city to the Thompkins Square dog run and hung out for a while. There’s a fun Westie there. After the Met’s game, we went to the 9th avenue food fest and I got my official Red’s hot dog. Yay!

DATELINE-NY 5/19/12 Ranking the Street Fairs

Hal likes to rank the street fairs on a scale of 0 to lame. I prefer to rank them on a scale of 0 to chicken. In that regard, today’s street fair ranked chicken- twice. Hal got some burger thing which he mostly didn’t share with me. However, to be fair, I did have a bite which is more than he had of my chicken.

The 9th Avenue international food festival is this weekend, and hotdog is there. I better get some tomorrow. At Red’s original hot dog- available at 9th ave and 46th st.

DATELINE-NY 5/16/12 Proper Dosage

Okay, so this weekend, we did not go to a single street fair. Hence, no hot dog and no chicken. Well, when we went to “Bark at Cat,” I was suffering from a serious treat deficiency. So when Hal bought some marrow treats I needed a couple and i needed them now. I had called the Vet and he said take two treats and call him in the morning. After getting the treats I didn’t need to call.

DATELINE-NY 5/9/12 Bark at the Park update

Hal had a Met’s fan photographer take our picture in the stands, and it arrived!

DATELINE-NY 4/28/12 Hot Dog Street Fair!

Hal and I went to another street fair today. It was the first one of the season with genuine Red’s Hotdogs! They’ve changed the menu and added some special style dogs. Hal got the Mexico dog. I got the canine special (just the dog). I also got my thai chicken so it was a double score!

Hal bought something that didn’t smell like food to me(Ed. note Pickles, they were delicious), but that didn’t stop him from eating it. Go figure.

DATELINE-NY 4/24/12 Shoes Revisited

I don’t really chew shoes anymore. Not admitting that I ever did. However, Hal and I have come to an agreement. To wit; any shoe on the floor is, by definition, a chew toy. When Hal takes his shoes off at the end of the day, he puts them on somethink other than the floor. They are not necessarily out of my reach, but they satisfy the terms of our agreement and are thus off limits.

When they are in range of my nose, I do have an obligation to investigate them, it’s part of my job description. I smell them, I nudge them. Sometimes, I’ll notice that a shoe I had been investigating has disappeared. I don’t know where it went and Hal hasn’t been home. Often when these disappearances happen, a new chew toy suddenly appears on the floor near where the shoe had been.

Well, it is on the floor and as such is fair game.

DATELINE-NY 4/22/12 Bark at the Park

Okay, I had wanted to live blog the game, but the glare off the screen prevented me from working. It was a great day! We took a nice train ride out to the park. Then, when we got to the entrance, they asked if we wanted to walk on the field! So we got on line with lots of other people and dogs. Unfortunately, we only walked on the dirt track around the field. All that lush grass and we couldn’t piddle on it.

I must say that when Hal puts the Mets on TV, I don’t watch it. Being at the game I must say that baseball is a lot like fetch. Humans do it better. For the most part they don’t chase the ball because they are usually already where the ball is headed. They also don’t run it back to the thrower. Some people run, which makes no sense because nobody is chasing them.

It was a beautiful day, but I did have to spend the train ride home in a crate.

DATELINE-NY 4/18/12 Leave your politics at the doggy-door

Apparently, a story came out the other day about President Obama having tried dog meat as a child. There has also been a story about Governor Romney strapping his dog to the roof of his car. If they are slinging this mud in an effort to win the dog vote, they should know, we can’t vote. We’re dogs!

Officially, I want it known that nothing should be read into the fact that this site is blue. Remember, I’m color blind. I’m sure Hal has an opinion, but he’s not allowed to express it here. I hear comments in the dog park about my Met’s bandana. Don’t these people realize that I don’t have a choice here?

DATELINE-NY 4/14/12 Pet Rally

Okay, so today, Hal and I were on our usual weekend morning walk. When we got to Thompkins Square Park we noticed some dog stuff being set up. Apparently, a new website: Pawnation was sponsoring the event. My picture from the event is here.

I met the Advantix puppy, who is as cute as you’d think. Hal bought me dog beer from The Salty Paw and treats from another stand- I’ll update and link it later.

DATELINE-NY 4/8/12 Street Fair!

Yes! You read that right! Street fairs are back, and I went to my first one of the season today! Not one, but two count ’em two Thai Food booths. That meant two Chicken Satays. Oh, Hal tells me we have tickets to a Met’s game. On April 21st it’s Bark at the Park. I’m gonna call the media office and see about a press pass so I can Liveblog the game.

DATELINE-NY 4/7/12 Office Dog

Hal brought me to his office yesterday. I usually get excited to see Hal’s co-workers. They are very friendly and eager to give me treats. They didn’t show up yesterday, however. Just Hal and me. The other day, though, Hal came home with Pastrami. Hal says it is like kosher bacon. Now, I don’t know what this kosher is, but I do love Pastami. He brought it with him to the office for me. I guess you could say I brown-bagged it. Though, I couldn’t say with any certainty the bag was brown.

DATELINE-NY 4/1/12 A New Bandana

Hal and I went to the pet shop yesterday to get me a new bandana. Hal said he was going to take me to a baseball game and I needed a bandana for the team. It turns out that they are called the Mutts, how cool is that? I myself am a purebred Molly. However, Mutts are great dogs. Old Yeller was a Mutt. Who cried when Old Yeller got shot? Nobody cired? I’m so sure- I cried my eyes out.

DATELINE-NY 3/3/12 One Shop Too Many

So, I let Hal sleep late this morning. He’d been under a lot of stress. As a dog I can sense this stuff. Anyway, when he finally gets in gear, we go to the dog run. It was late, which is why I think there weren’t many dogs. We didn’t stay long. Afterwards, we went to BarkAtCat (Litter and Leashes). The cat walked up to the door taunting me when we got there. Hal wouldn’t open the door until the cat moved.

For the afternoon walk, since Barkatcat had already been accomplished we went south. I took Hal to another pet shop (Canis Minor) They gave me such good treats when I jumped up at the counter. I decided to take Hal on a longer walk as the weather was so nice, and then I realized there was another pet shop nearby (Petco). Unfortunately, I didn’t get treats there. I got 2 pinches in my shoulder 1 pinch in my butt and another pinch on my forepaw. (Ed note: Molly got her shots). I should have quit while I was ahead.

DATELINE-NY 2/5/12 The treat is always sweeter. . .

So, Hal and I are at the dog run and someone had been to a pet shop and had a bag of treats. Needless to say, he attracted a crowd, but I’ve said it anyway. Recognizing his error, he hung the bag on the outside of the run. I jumped on a bench and tried to get to the bag. My efforts were unsuccessful. Hal called me to leave it alone.

It’s not like Hal doesn’t always have treats in his pocket, he does. But there’s an old saying, “The treat is always sweeter from the other person’s pocket.” Let’s face it, the treats in Hal’s pocket are mine. The others are the bonus treats.

DATELINE-NY 1/27/12 Snow

I haven’t posted anything in a bit which is entirely Hal’s fault. Whoever designed keyboards didn’t have paws in mind. We went for our morning walk some days ago and the ground was covered with the white stuff I called snow. I wanted to run and play, but Hal kept tugging the leash and saying “no.” What a party pooper. Finally we got to the Dog run and he undid the leash. Well, I didn’t want to run then. it wouldn’t have been as much fun. I like to play “Pull Hal.” the full name of the game is actually “Pull Hal When he doesn’t want me to Pull Him.”

What fun is running when Hal’s not following out of control?

DATELINE-NY 1/2/12 Molly Gump

So Hal and I went walking. It was a good walk, but when I got to the corner I figured i’d just keep on walking. then we got to the end of numbers (Houston Street) and i thought that if I’d come this far, I might as well walk further. So we get to Delancey Street and i thought, If I’d walk that far I might as well keep on walking. Before I knew it I was Crossing Delancey- Hall thinks that’s funny I don’t know why. But i kept on walking. Then sudden;y I just stopped (at Grand St).

DATELINE-NY 12/31/11 New Year’s Eve

Not that I care, because I don’t keep track of time, but Hal tells me that it is New Year’s Eve. So today is the last day of 2011, which I guess makes tomorrow the first day of 2018. (Ed. note: do the math)

DATELINE-NY 12/26/11 Return of the Treat

Yesterday, during the midday walk, It had seemed as though BarkatCat Petshop had disappeared. It turns out that it was shielded behing a metal gate. I found it, but Hal couldn’t open the gate, so BarkatCat was denied. Today, I was able to confirm the presence of BarkatCat. Also, Bark accomplished.

DATELINE-NY 12/24/11 The most wonderful time of the year!

I don’t know what it is, but for the last, well I don’t know how long, I lack a sense of time being a dog and all, but the streets have been filled with trees! On block after block there are rows of trees, and we don’t live in Brooklyn where a tree grows. Also the street kind of smells like the apartment when Hal makes the floor wet (uncompensated Pine Sol plug).

Unfortunately, Hal won’t let me piddle on these trees. Not that I could piddle on them I’m a girl so I don’t lift my leg I squat. He won’t let me piddle near these trees.

DATELINE-NY 12/19/11 A Picture with Santa

So we walked into a pet shop and there’s this Jolly Old Fat Guy with a beard, a big chair and lots of boxes. They asked if I wanted to take a picutre with Santa. Hal said I did (without asking btw). They charged Hal money for the pic, but the money went to shelters, so I’m glad he did it. The picture is available for viewing for free here.

DATELINE-NY 12/17/11 No Justice! No Treats!

Wow, it has been a while since I worte anything. There was a period where I went over and stayed with Olive from my pack and didn’t have access to Hal’s computer, but that was a couple of weeks ago. This morning, however, Hal didn’t have any treats. I didn’t get paid for my pooh. Hal wanted to go the wrong way, and I let him- I didn’t get paid for that either. I’ll charge him such interrest that he’ll not make that mistake again.

It turns out that we weren’t out of treats, he just forgot to bring them. I still insisted we re-stock during the mid day walk.

DATELINE-NY 11/13/11 Occupy Hot Dog

So Hal put on his wheels again. I thought they were gone for the season- no such luck. We went down to this park and Hal got some juice and we sat with a bunch of people who gave me scitches. That was yesterday. Today, the street fair was on 3rd Avenue and we occupied Red’s Original Char Grilled Hot Dogs. I got 2 Yay!

DATELINE-NY 11/10/11 Shameless Plug

Hal is returning to Stand-up Comedy. His return debuts on Tuesday November 15th. The show is a benefit for rescue organizations. Save the date. Save some animals. They flyer can be found by clicking here

DATELINE-NY 11/5/11 Some sight seeing

I’ve noticed that as the weather gets colder, my walks have been getting shorter. Okay, I don’t need to see the river every morning, but I still need to stretch my legs. Besdies, Couch Potato needs the exercise, too. So we walked down 1st avenue until they ran out of numbers. On the way back home, we walked past The New York Marble Cemetary. It is old and historic and you might be interested in it. Hal said the plaque mentions someone named “Preserved Fish” buried there. If he’s well preserved, I like fish on occasion.

DATELINE-NY 10/29/11 Wintry Weather day!

I didn’t want to go on my morning walk today. Hal left the wheels off- good thing to it was wet out. But it wasn’t coming down hard enough for me to get away with not walking. Anyway, Hal goes out and he comes back with a squirrel. I know it’s not real, but I don’t care. I know Beggin’ strips aren’t real and I don’t care. Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care.

I think Hal expected me to not go out for the midday walk. He kept pointing at the window. Also, somehow the squirrel, which I grabbed and put on the couch and started gnawing on kept ending up on the floor somehow. I went out for the walk. It was cold and wet, but it was falling as that snow stuff.

DATELINE-NY 10/22/11 Hot Dog Accomplished

I think I can get used to Hal with his wheels so long as he understands that I run when I want. We moved at a nice leisurely pace, that was faster than Hal walks. This allows us to travel farther. I don’t think we would have been able to accomplish hot dog without them today. It seemed out of range. (ed. note: Redd’s Original Char Grilled Hot Dogs were at 6th Avenue and 52nd St.)

DATELINE-NY 10/15/11 A Long walk

Hal strapped on his wheels (Rollerblades) today. Apparently, he thinks I enjoy it so much he bought a pair. When I wanted to run, he didn’t let me (I was pulling him). When we got to the river, he tried to pick up the pace, but I was no longer interested in running. We traveled the farthest downtown that we ever have. I imagine that without the wheels, Hal woudn’t have made it. He’s such a couch potato. There was something political going on- but I don’t allow politics on my plog.

DATELINE-NY 10/9/11 A trip to Petco

I took Hal to Petco. It is where the Pet’s go. Well, it was on the way on the way on this particular day. So we went in. They must have recognized me from my blog because I was on the red carpet and they took my picture.

While I was there, a sales rep had raw food and offered me some. He placed the bowl in front of me and I had no interest in it. Why not? I don’t know. It was food after all- I should have devoured it. Oh well.

DATELINE-NY 10/8/11 Mortal Enemies

There is iths dog that I fight with everytime I see her. Well, she was in the dog run this morning, and as soon as I knew it was her I charged. After breaking up the fight, Hal immediately took me out of the dog run. Hal scolded me saying that the other dog is a good dog. Here is the rub, it is not the other dog that is the threat. It is the oher dog’s human.

See, while we are fighting, they can’t talk. If they can’t talk they can’t figure out it they like each other, and therefore cannot decide they like each other more than the dogs- in otherwords, us.

DATELINE-NY 10/4/11 Bagel denied

As Hal and I returned to the apartment from our morning walk, a woman entered the building ahead of us. She was eating a bagel. I wanted some bagel- Hal told me not to beg. It is not begging. I wanted bagel. I sat respectfully in front of his woman and gave her my best “mine” look. It would have worked, too if it weren’t for Hal’s meddling.

DATELINE-NY 10/2/11 Blessing of the Animals Not Accomplished

Hal wanted to take me to a Blessing of the Animals at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd today. If you visit the site, it has today’s date. Trouble is, it was yesterday. So I didn’t receive a blessing. Instead, we went to a street fair and accomplished Chicken.

A lot of humans think I’m Jewish because Hal is Jewish and he’s my daddy. He’s not my daddy, he’s my person. Even if he were, according to the Jewish faith, religion flows through the mother not the father. Was my mother Jewish? I don’t know.

DATELINE-NY 10/1/11 Chicken Not Accomplished

It was a weird day. We slept late and I was not in the mood to do our morning walk by the river. We walked down 1st Avenue instead. We also didn’t go as far as usual. Then we headed up toward Union Square, because I wanted treats and there’s a Petco. On the way, police were setting up barricades for a rally. I wanted to know what it was for and whether I was for it or against it.

It turns out that it was for SlutwalkNYC. I am for their cause. Rape victims are never asking for it. Treats semmed less important after that. Hal didn’t let me bark at the cats in the store, and the street fair didn’t have my chicken!

DATELINE-NY 9/26/11 Bark at Cat accomplished

We were out for our afternoon walk and I took Hal to the Bark-at-cat pet shop (Ed. note Litter and Leashes). The cat was sitting just inside the door. I was poised, ready. Hal wouldn’t open the door. The cat just sat there. He eventually lied down in the middle of the floor. Still Hal didn’t open the door. So, I barked anyway. Then I took Hal to another pet shop (Canis Minor). If Hal is going to leave me alone to watch football, then I get a Pig’s ear- that’s the rule.

DATELINE-NY 9/21/11 GNA Canine Comedy Parade update

At the parade, when they mentioned my plog, they asked if it was ghost-written and the answer is no. It is Hal written. Whoever designed keyboards didn’t take paws into account. I also wanted to mention the sponsor that I left out. They did give me trats after all.

Wiggly Pups

DATELINE-NY 9/17/11 GNA Canine Comedy Parade

So, today was the annual Grammercy Park Canine Comedy Parade. It’s not exactly a parade, but there are dogs and humor- and two out of three ain’t bad- Meatloaf. Now I’m hungry.

This event gets better every year. I won the Pitbull Ambassador of the Year award! I was interviewed for an e-zine: When I won my award, they plugged the hosts plugged this plog, so I thought I would give a shout out to the sponsors:

Canis Minor- where Hal buys me treats

Stewie to the Rescue- an animal rescue organization

Bide a wee- animal adoption and vet services- they had 2 great dogs looking for homes Maggie and Tango.

Spoil me rotten- they make dog and cat treats.

I’m missing one- they have a dog hotel and transportation service.

DATELINE-NY 9/16/11 Cat Fight round 2

Hal is mad at me. During the morning walk, I got into a cat fight. This was not my fault. I mean, who leaves a cat lying in the middle of the sidewalk? It was only natural of me to think he was out to play! The cat hissed and waved its paws and Hal pulled me away. The cat came closer- Hal held me back, but I’d felt its claws what if the cat wanted to atack Hal? I had to protect him, but he wouldn’t let me.

I now have an e-mail adress: it’s
Please send me mail- the only things I get right now are ads for Vidogra!Click here to see a pic of Hal and I from the event.